Verdant Landscaping transformed our backyard! We were very happy with every aspect of this project. Shari has a
wonderful sense of design, along with her knowledge of the landscaping business. She really knew how to put it
all together. It was a pleasure to work with her. The landscaping crew was great. They are hard-working and very
competent. Jose and Miguel did an excellent job. Jose was very good about communicating with us, so that we
always knew what was going on. He was very skilled and knowledgeable. The staff seems to have good lines of
communication with each other. Together they transformed our backyard, patio and hillside into a haven that we
will enjoy for years to come.

-Edie and Sam Talmadge

Hi Shari! I have wanted to tell you how much fun it was this spring to see all the things that bloomed that I hadn't
seen before – the columbines, the lamb’s ears, the snow in summer, and all the other beautiful surprises in the
yard. Everything is so beautiful and I get so many compliments on the yard. It has been a real blessing and I thank
you for the beautiful design.

Thank you,
-Kathy Likes

Dreams Do Come True

Thank you for the most incredible landscape job in my backyard. I have lived in my old fixer-upper house in Simi
since 1978. I have tried a few times to improve the backyard. I am so thankful for having hired you. After all these
years, the yard is like a dream come true. You took the requests and ideas I had and combined them with your
professional experience and creative vision and voila – what a masterpiece you’ve created. I always loved the
backyard with the pine trees giving a sense of a backyard forest. Now with the pondless waterfall, river-rock
pathways, decomposed-granite pathway along the fence for Toby-dog, fruit-trees (that I requested) and colorful
plants and flowers, it feels like an enchanted sanctuary created by a master artist.
Thank you so much. Every morning when I get up, I turn on the waterfall with the remote control. The view of the
yard and the sound of the waterfall fill me with inspiration for the day. Truly what you have done in my backyard is
better than I ever imagined. You took my incomplete vision and mate it a dream come true. Everyday I am filled with
awe and amazement at the difference. You have filled my yard with life and color. Even my husband likes being out
there now.

With what you did in the back…. How could I not wonder what ideas you might have for the front.
With overwhelming gratitude,

I want to take this opportunity to formally thank you and express my appreciation for the fantastic job with
landscaping my front yard. The lawn is a beautiful green, the sprinklers are working wonderfully, and the plants &
trees are thriving! I have received many compliments from my neighbors and even individuals just passing by the
When I decided to have the front re-landscaped, I looked through the paper and yellow pages to find the landscape
architects and professional landscapers. I found three and called them for their ideas and estimates. At the same
time a friend at work suggested I contact Pierce College for a recommendation. To make a long and frustrating
story short, nobody except the two of you who were referred by the college were professional and followed through
with a written estimate backed-up by a detailed plan. This met with my expectations from the start. After you began,
you kept me advised of the progress, explained each move, advised me when you would be at the house to work,
and most importantly; you did everything you said you would do.
I have recommended you to several people and will continue to do so. If you would like a reference or need a
property to show your work, just ask me. I will be happy to provide any recommendation you need. As an individual
just passing by Larchmont said to me “Your yard is so beautiful, each time I walk by I have to stop and admire the
beauty, design, and color, and even my friends have commented about the house on Gower”.

Thanks again for your professionalism and creativity!
-Joe Kesler

Dear Sherrie,
Kolleen and I wanted to thank you for your support and participation, making our garden design for the 2001
Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts a total success.
We have received fabulous press coverage, and accolades from our peers in the landscape design field. Daily, we
receive inquiries from the visitors about almost every aspect of the project. What are those flowers? Why doesn’t
the globe sink? What smells like chocolate? Do the dragonflies light up? Are the beaches antiques? Etc. I think
everyone involved will benefit.
The quantity of visitors to the house is amazing. Most days, one of us is at the garden to greet the guests. Everyone
loves the design, and the whimsy. The response has been very satisfying.
Enclosed with this letter some materials to thank you; press clippings, the color catalogue; postcards and
photographs. We hope this will be of use to you in your own portfolios or reference books.
The house is closing on the 20th of May; so if you are showing off your work, go for it!
We are appreciative of your involvement bringing the dream of the space to life.


-Laura Morton and Kolleen White


I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for all of your efforts with my landscape project.
There were some complex issues to be resolved, most notably the slope, which you developed into beautiful
terraces. I am very happy to report, nearly a year later, that everything is growing quite well, better than I expected
When I sought a landscape architect, I was looking for someone that can take my abstract ideas, interject their own
ideas (correcting mine as necessary), and develop a single cohesive plan. In this regard, you have exceeded my
expectations. I am aware that I can be quite fickle and I appreciate your patience in adapting my changes as I
changed my mind.
The bid you provided seemed quite fair, but what I didn’t really understand initially was the difference in quality
installation versus just digging holes and setting the trees. The soil amendments, proper drainage, and proper
sprinkler installation were well worth it. The plants and trees you provided were all of top quality. As I indicated
earlier, a year later, everything is growing quite well.
Sherri, in a nutshell, thanks for making it so easy for me, thanks for providing a beautiful yard.

-Jim Thompson

Dear Shari,

Thank you very much for your awesome service in June. We apologize for our tardiness in getting you paid! Again,
thank you and we are so sorry for the delay!

-Charles and Diane Davenport

Hi Sherri,

Enclosed is a final payment for the job. Frank and I are really pleased with everything you did. It turned out even
better than we had imagined. Our daughter is moving to Colorado in a few weeks and we’re going to have an
“Open House” “Good bye” get together for family and friends. I can’t wait for everyone to see our new yard.
Even though this wasn’t a huge job as compared to some you do, your professionalism and expertise in working
with us made us feel like we were important and worth the effort.
Please feel free to use our name as a reference anytime.

Thank you for everything!
-Kris Polhert

Dear Sherrie,

Thank you for the great quality landscaping and design also.

-Love, Laura Berger

Hi Sherri,

Enclosed is the final payment for the landscaping work you did at my home. We are very pleased with the work that
you did and the professional and responsible manner in which you completed the job.
-Diane Fidyk


Thank you for the gift certificate to Café Firenze. We love that place. I recommend you without reservation, to anyone
contemplating a landscape project. Keep up the fine work.

Best regards,
-Ray Mercado
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